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Natural stones are one of the oldest and the most beautiful building materials available on the earth. Stone pavings are quarried from different geographical locations and selected for its hardness, durability, texture, material colour and various finishes. Our range of ethically sourced Indian Natural Sandstone, Limestone Paving offers high value for money. Traditional Pavings have different colors and sizes, that makes it enormously popular with designers and landscapers. In Traditional Abstract Paving, the underside of the slab is shaved by a machine to the specific thickness, usually 22 mm to give it a uniform thickness, available in warm autumn-ed tints, beige, cool grey, or even with fascinating fossil like markings, it marks well with almost any style, contemporary or traditional. These Traditional Paving are available in a combination of project packs, single sizes and circular kits. Natural Stone Traditional Paving offers a unique & distinctive qualities, as each individual paving stone is unique in its material beauty. The many natural tone variations, different surface profiles and exquisite natural veining makes every paving slab unique, thus giving your patio a touch of exclusivity.

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