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CHIVAS (Smooth)

Pave World prides itself on offering the most comprehensive range of Sawn Paving in Natural Stones also termed as Chivas Paving for its luxurious finish. Sawn six sides and then honed to provide an attractive, nonslip surface, the Paving’s rich finish adds a special touch to garden designs. From a wide array of colors in Granite, Sandstone, Limestone and other Natural Stones, Chivas Paving products give your area a modern contemporary look, appealing to the aesthetic eye. All our Chivas paving products are not only available in a fine range of distinctive colors but also in a variety of pack sizes, Mixed Size Pack, Single Size Pack and King Size Pack. Here is our list of the finest Chivas paving natural stones with their salient features so that you can choose the best out of the finest in accordance with your requirements and taste.

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