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HERITAGE (Tumbled)

Heritage paving incorporates a smooth, subtle distressed riven finish, making this stone paving suitable for many garden landscapes and seamlessly blends with the established surroundings. This ethically sourced antique stone paving is specially processed to achieve a worn feel, suitable for all home or garden styles. Available in varied natural colors, it can be matched with setts, steps and walling for a perfect stone composition. This Heritage Paving is created by passing newly riven stone through vibrating machinery, which smoothed edges & round off corners & softens the riven profile, creating a vintage feel. Available in Raj Green, Mint Fossil, Light Grey sandstone and Ash Grey, Black Limestone paving, our range has colors to suit any location and home in a variety of sizes to extend any design option. Heritage Tumbled paving patio packs contain an equal mix of all four sizes, making them a convenient choice when a relaxed rustic effect is favored. The beauty of these stones is that they give long established warmth.

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